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At Technology Menders we repair most of the devices of many brands like Apple, Microsoft And Samsung Smartphones at your doorstep. We would love to visit your house or office to solve your tech problems at your premises with no fix no fee policy. we charge you same amount of money as you would be charged by a shop or repair centre but save your time and do the job under your supervision.

Service 1 _ Apple Mac
We fix Apple Mac Laptop, IMac, Mac Mini, Ipads And Iphones at very good price!
Service 2 _ Microsoft

We fix all Microsoft Laptops Desktops and Tablets of many brands including Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer and Sony.

Service 3 _ Smart Phones
We fix most of the smart phones of different brands including Samsung, Apple, and Nokia.
Service 4 _ Software
We deal with many software problem includind MAC OS Windows OS and MS Office installation.
Service 5 _ Data Recovery

If you deleted your files accidentlly, formated your hard disk drive or your operating system has crushed we can still recover your data.

Service 6 _ We Buy

We also buy your broken laptop of mobile phone for parts no matter whatever the condition is. Please feel free to discuss with us when you call

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